#MyImprovementStory – Lucy Stone

Lucy Stone


My project was looking at reducing length of stay for patients post lumbar spinal fusion. I saw an opportunity to help improve the patient journey post operatively and decided to look at whether twice-daily physiotherapy would reduce length of stay. The trial lasted around 8 months and we showed that twice-daily physiotherapy reduced length of stay by 40 hours.

The really nice thing was that the total number of physiotherapy contacts per admission remained the same at three, so we were just condensing our interventions into a shorter period rather than increasing our workload. My ward and grade one staff were extremely supportive and everyone was keen to be involved and track our changes.

The continuous improvement frameworks as well as my CI coach were really useful resources to ensure we were identifying and addressing the real issues. Using the A3 form helped me share my results with a wider audience so others could potentially learn from the process and implement similar changes in their area of work.  I really believe that the staff on the ground are best placed to be making changes that will positively impact their day to day work as well as the patient experience.

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