Switch from paper to screen means safer cancer care

St Vincent’s Cancer Centre has a new state-of-the-art cancer care management system helping to provide improved patient safety.

From diagnosis through treatment and follow-up, the system allows all members of the cancer care team to efficiently manage every aspects of the chemotherapy care plan of their patients.

The software, known as Mosaiq, is designed to reduce errors and inefficiencies and is being rolled out nationally by St Vincent’s Health Australia.

190603SVHA’s Clinical Information Systems Project Manager Helen Baumann said over 120 pharmacists, medical, nursing and admin staff at St Vincent’s Cancer Centre have been provided with rigorous training, ensuring a safe and smooth transition from paper to electronic.

The system is already in operation and the cancer care team can now bring together all of their patients’ documentation, medication administration and assessments into a cohesive system where they can enter data accurately and produce a document that brings together everything from arrival to discharge in the safest manner.

“It gives us one point of access to enter patient information and also provides us with greater evidence-based record of the latest assessments such as for scalp cooling or symptom management control,” said Cameron Brent, one of the Cancer Centre’s senior nurses.

St Vincent’s Group Manager of Cancer and Palliative Care, Lesa Stewart, said all of the clinicians involved in a patient’s cancer care plan, which includes the medical staff, the nursing staff and cancer care pharmacists, have access to timely information so they always know where the patient is in their treatment journey.

“It ensures the patient is receiving the right medication at the right time with the right doses and the right safety measures,” Lesa Stewart said.

“It’s about seamless care to make sure our patients are receiving the best treatment possible and also ensures we are meeting national standards in cancer care”.

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