John’s 50 years of service to St Vincent’s

Fresh out of high school in 1969, John Helstroom joined the St Vincent’s Biochemistry Department as a trainee Medical Scientist.

Two years later, a transfer to the Haematology Department sealed his fate and he has remained a highly valued member of the department ever since.

Very early into his career John displayed a great aptitude and interest in all things mechanical and electronic.

He was soon fixing all kinds of departmental equipment as part of his daily work, which he still does.

001_125 LOGOJohn’s skill level became legendary among his peers – not only did John fix things at work but colleagues began asking John to fix their appliances outside of work.

He developed an interest in Health and Safety issues and took on a role, firstly as Fire Warden, then later Health and Safety officer for all of Pathology.

This role was performed with great insight and diligence and helped create a safer workplace for all his colleagues.

John’s 50 years of service was formally acknowledged at a service recognition ceremony today where he was described as “a kind and generous soul who embodies the values of the Sisters”.

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