Kazz’s Creations

St Vincent’s patient Karen believed she had no creative talent whatsoever, until a diagnosis of Lupus a life-threatening autoimmune disease, provided her an unlikely opportunity to pursue artistic endeavours.

‘I never used to draw at all. Stick figures were my best effort!’, Kazz explains.

A biopsy in 2007 provided the answer to Kazz’s lethargy and why working a full day was increasingly a struggle. Kazz suffered from crippling fatigue, skin lesions, headaches and fever.

‘My world crumbled around me,’ Kazz says. ‘I couldn’t work and had to wait three years to get the pension. I spiralled into depression.’

Kazz creationKazz’s days were spent at the pub or stuck at home watching TV and listening to the radio, lonely and bored.

‘Art therapy has been my lifesaver – it’s how I stay positive,’ Kazz shares. ‘It gives me self-confidence and helps me meet people. I could be six feet under otherwise. My mum passed away at 54 and I was heading that way.’

Karen was encouraged to explore the contents of the art cupboard during a hospital visit in 2011. With only paper and crayons available, she soon found she was channelling her addictive personality towards a more positive pursuit.

Kazz creation 2Karen has come a long way from drawing stick figures to creating stunning hand-made swans out of hundreds of pieces of intricately folded coloured paper.

‘Each swan takes me 100 hours to make. When I can’t sleep, in the early hours, I pick up where I left off and get lost in the craft. When I am in the Cancer Day Centre for my weekly, four hour appointment, time flies by as I concentrate on the piece and the smile on the face of the person I’ve promised it to.’

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