When time is critical

Shbei was 33 years old when she was rushed to St Vincent’s Emergency Department in September 2016. The sick young woman had been vomiting for hours with a life threatening internal bleeding. The ED team reacted quickly.

Using an ultrasound machine to assess what was going on in Shbei’s abdomen, they discovered that she was pregnant; but it was an ectopic pregnancy- where the foetus is growing in the fallopian tubes, not in the womb.

‘The doctors kept telling me ‘wake up, keep conscious’ and then they said ‘do you know you’re pregnant?’ Shbei recalls ‘I said ‘no!’ They told me I had to go to the operating theatre as soon as possible and I remember asking ‘will I survive?’

180703_003If it wasn’t for the ultrasound machine the outcome of Shbei’s story could have been very different.

It was a long recovery for Shbei, who was prescribed bed rest for three months. A force to be reckoned with, Shbei made a full recovery and was back at work shortly after.

In 2017 Shbei and her husband Kevin decided to try for another baby and were blessed with a son, Joshua, who was born last year.

Kevin and Shbei are grateful for the paramedics and emergency staff who saved her life, and for the ultrasound machine, which was crucial in the early diagnosis.

With only one bedside ultrasound in the Emergency Department, patients are left waiting for access to this life-saving machine, which can be the difference between life and death. If you would like to help us raise $80,000 to purchase a second ultrasound machine to help more patients like Shbei, please consider a donation.

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