High flying Pie

As a former St Vincent’s staff member, Collingwood player Meg Hutchins is excited to attend the 2017 Scrubs Run and see some familiar faces.

Meg worked as an Allied Health Assistant at St Vincent’s in 2016 and has fond memories of her time. Meg became an inaugural member of the women’s squad when she was picked up as a priority selection, and resigned from St Vincent’s to take on a full-time role as women’s football operations manager.

‘It was sad leaving, as I was leaving such wonderful people, but they were very supportive of me for the special opportunity I was given and a lot of them were there to cheer me on at the first ever game against Carlton,’ Meg says.

Meg Hutchins with St Vincent’s staff

After 15 seasons in the VFL Women’s competition, Meg finally has the opportunity to play the game she loves professionally.

‘It’s pretty surreal, but for so many people who have worked tirelessly for so many years, it is a great reward to see the league up on the biggest of stages. We couldn’t be happier to know that people want to tune in, and want to come and watch.’

‘When I was little, it was such a challenging time for my mum and I when she told me that I couldn’t play the sport I loved anymore. Now no daughter needs to be told that shattering news. It’s so exciting to know that girls and boys can now grow up thinking girls playing football is normal.’

Meg Hutchins will join teammates from the men’s and women’s team, as well as the netball team at Scrubs Run on Sunday, 26 March.

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