Australia’s Healthy Weight week

This week, St Vincent’s Hospital Dietitians are taking part in Australia’s Healthy Weight Week to promote better health through a healthy relationship with food.

This year the message for Australia’s Healthy Weight week is simple: Australians are encouraged to get back in the kitchen and cook more meals at home.

St Vincent’s Dietitians are on a mission to improve the health of our community with Australia’s Health Weight Week.

Busy lifestyles and endless time constraints mean that Australians are eating out and relying on takeaway and convenience foods more than ever before. 43% of Australians eat dinner out or have takeaway three or more times a week – and we’re not just paying with our wallets, it’s costing our health too.

Research shows that preparing meals at home is a great way to maintain a healthy weight and have a more nutritious diet – you’ll likely reduce portion sizes and kilojoules, and slash the amount of fat, salt and sugar you eat. Home cooking is also a great opportunity to include more vegetables in your diet – and with less than 7% of Australian’s meeting their recommended number of serves of these disease-preventing, health-boosting superfoods, we could all use a few more serves of veggies each day!

To learn more about Australia’s Health Week and the many other fantastic events taking place nation-wide, visit the Australia’s Healthy Weight week website:

You’ll also find loads of healthy eating tips and tools, including meals plans, quizzes and a free healthy cookbook to help inspire you to get back in the kitchen!

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