St Vincent’s Everyday Hero – Margaret Kleeman

Margaret who, after seventeen years of nursing at St Vincent’s, retired and then returned as a volunteer, often volunteers more than one day per week. She visits patients with a two year old black poodle cross named Bertie. She visits GEM and Rehab units as well as Briar Terrace offering patients a tactile experience and a novel respite from their time in hospital.

Another of Margaret’s roles is to lead our ‘Angel’ volunteer program.  Our Angel volunteers enhance the care our staff can offer our patients by providing meals assistance and diversional therapy, by the bedside, to patients who are referred to the program.

Margaret leads these programs by helping recruit, train, orientate and lead our other Angel volunteers to provide the best possible service to our patients.  She is very much a ‘mentor’ to the other volunteers within the program.

Margaret thoroughly enjoys her volunteering and regularly goes above and beyond to ensure that a patient gets everything possible to make their hospital stay just that little bit better.

Whether it’s washing patient’s clothes, getting them a Greek newspaper, reading to them, finding them a puzzle to do or visiting with Bertie, she continually inspires staff and other volunteers to do everything possible to help improve the lives of our patients.

Staff members half her age, regularly say they wish they had Margaret’s energy – to which she replies, ‘these patients give me the energy to do more – because they can’t’.

She believes we all have a choice to help others and that it is her calling to do as much as she possibly can to help those that aren’t in a position to help themselves.

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