St Vincent’s Everyday Hero – Zoran Mohorko

Zoran Mohorko has worked at St Vincent’s for over 27 years spending his days transporting patients from all over the hospital backward and forward to Imaging. He often shows staff his newest pair of runners.

Zoran has great customer service skills never failing to ask the patients if they have a “Mikki [myki] card” on them as he gently transports them along the corridors chatting and putting them at ease.

Zoran’s patience and helpful disposition also extends to willingly training a stream of students to transport patients using the guzunda or electric wheel chair. Zoran has managed to ensure that none of his students have had any near misses even though many were not natural transporters. The students often comment about Zoran’s happy disposition and are a bit in awe of how fast those feet go.

If you ask Zoran what he is going to do after work or weekend he will always say he might go out for a 10+ run . Those happy feet again taking centre stage. Zoran’s quiet happy nature is reflected in how well he gets along with his colleagues in Imaging and across the hospital.

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