Exhibition by Boman Ali Wakilzada

St Vincent’s Art Program in collaboration with the Cultural Diversity Committee warmly invites all St Vincent’s Hospital staff to the launch of an art exhibition featuring the works of Boman Ali Wakilzada.

Boman belongs to the Hazara group of Northern Afghanistan and is a patient of St Vincent’s.

Fore mostly, however, Boman is an artist. He realised his passion as a child and developed his skills under the guidance of a number of artists whilst living in Pakistan.

Boman came to Australia seeking asylum in 2013. Over the past year, Boman has been part of St Vincent’s Artist in Residence program, utilising a studio at our Caritas Christi campus in Kew.

This exhibition, supported by the Victorian Multicultural Commission, showcases his work and in particular, his passion for working with oil paints on canvas.

Opening Day: Tuesday September 27th
Time: 5-7pm
Place: St Vincent’s Art Gallery, Ground Floor Daly Wing (Building D)

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