Patient’s sons raise funds for Cancer Centre to say thank you

At 50, father of three Trevor Wilson is relatively healthy for a man who has beaten cancer twice.

Diagnosed with lymphoma 18 years ago, he received several rounds of chemotherapy treatment at our Cancer Centre, and a stem cell transplant.

Eight years later, having moved on with his life, Trevor was devastated when the cancer returned.  He had another stem cell transplant and has now been cancer free for 8 years.

Trevor still comes to the Cancer Centre for his regular check-ups and has made a habit of dropping in every now and then to say hello to the staff.

During his most recent appointment, Trevor was accompanied by his sons, Charlie, 11, and Billy, 8, who wanted to deliver a personal thank you to the Cancer Centre staff who looked after their Dad.

‘The boys are quite interested in my story and they did a little bit of fundraising at school for the Cancer Centre,’ Trevor says.

Charlie and Billy organised a ‘Crazy Hair Day’ fundraiser at their school in honour of their father, and between the two of them they raised $500 which was donated to the Cancer Centre.

During his visit, Trevor was pleased to see many of the nurses who looked after him over the years.

‘Because I was treated here on and off over 10 years, I got to know the staff very well and they are incredibly supportive and caring,’ he said.

Associate Nurse Unit Manager John McPherson was also happy to see Trevor and his two sons. ‘We remember them when they were babies and so to see Trevor healthy and happy with his kids is so rewarding.’


Go Dry this July

St Vincent’s is excited to once again be nominated as a beneficiary for Dry July 2016, and Trevor is just as excited to be our Dry July ambassador.

Dry July encourages people to raise money to improve the wellbeing of adults living with cancer by taking up the challenge to give up alcohol for the month of July. Trevor is proud to give up, and is encouraging others to get on board and go Dry in July to support St Vincent’s Cancer Centre.

Over the past three years the campaign has funded a range of items at St Vincent’s. These were items that could not have been bought using government funds;, including our beautiful internal and balcony gardens, chemotherapy chairs, a state of the art massage chair, equipment to lessen patient discomfort during everyday procedures, artwork, iPads and many more items to assist our patients and their families during this difficult journey.

‘The funds from Dry July enable us to purchase items that have made the journey for patients like Trevor and his family just that little bit easier,’ says John. ‘We are excited to be the beneficiaries of another Dry in July campaign so that we can continue to add improvements to our centre that will help ease the burden of receiving treatment for cancer.’

So join Trevor – go Dry in July and support St Vincent’s Cancer Centre – and make a real difference!

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