A hair-brained scheme to support our Cancer Centre

At 50,  father of three, Trevor Wilson is relatively healthy for a man who’s beaten cancer twice.

Diagnosed with lymphoma 18 years ago, he received several rounds of chemotherapy treatment at our Cancer Centre, as well as a stem cell transplant.

Eight years later, having moved on with his life, Trevor was devastated when the cancer returned.  He had another stem cell transplant and has now been cancer free for 8 years.

Trevor still comes to our Cancer Centre for his regular check-ups and has made a habit of dropping in every now and then to say hello to the staff.

During his most recent appointment, Trevor was pleased to see many of the nurses who looked after him over the years.

“Because I was treated here on and off for over 10 years, I got to know the staff very well and they are incredibly supportive and caring,” he said.

Trevor teaches at his sons’ primary school in the Dandenongs, and with schools still closed for the Easter holidays, Charlie, 11, and Billy, 8,  accompanied their father to the hospital.

But their trip to St Vincent’s had another purpose – they wanted to deliver a personal thank you to the Cancer Centre staff who looked after their Dad.

“The boys are quite interested in my story and they did a little bit of fundraising at school for the Cancer Centre,” Trevor says.

Trevor with his sons Charlie and Billy at the Cancer Centre

Charlie is the year 6 student representative on his school council and organized a fundraiser called “A Crazy Hair Day” in honour of his father.

Between him and his brother Billy, they raised $500 for the Cancer Centre.

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