St Vincent’s farewells Chief Social Worker Sonia Posenelli

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as St Vincent’s farewelled Chief Social Worker Sonia Posenelli at an afternoon tea yesterday.

Sonia has led our Social Work team for 25 years. As colleagues reflected on her tremendous legacy, Sonia was described as iconic, visionary, optimistic, creative, pioneering, resourceful, courageous, loyal, a wise mentor, outstanding leader, and peerless educator.

She was justly praised for her impeccable integrity and capacity to engage with new ideas, nurture partnerships, and drive change. Sonia said it had been a privilege to be part of the St Vincent’s family – it has certainly been our privilege to count Sonia among our number.

We will miss Sonia’s enthusiasm and her sense of fun, but we wish her the very best for the new adventures she no doubt has planned.

1993 c Three chief social workers Sonia Posenelli, pioneer Norma Parker, and Marjorie Awburn copy
Sonia Posenelli with St Vincent’s first Social Worker Norma Parker [center] and fellow social workers in 1993.

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