Patient monitoring and early detection key to silencing killer

Heart failure is one of the biggest issues facing our health service, killing one Australian every 12 minutes. More than 30% of all deaths can be attributed to heart failure, but heart monitors that identify potentially life-threatening heart issues can save lives.

Professor Andrew MacIsaac, Director of Cardiology Services, says patient monitoring equipment, such as a Holter monitor, that can identify heart issues as early as possible is the key to silencing this growing killer.

Autumn Appeal copy
St Vincent’s Director of Cardiology Services Professor Andrew MacIsaac.

‘A Holter monitor is about the size of a mobile phone and is worn by the patient to monitor their heart rhythm,’ Prof MacIsaac says. ‘A major benefit of the Holter monitor is that patients are monitored for extended periods of time, sometimes up to seven days, whilst going about their daily routine. Over that time, the Holter monitor may be able to detect heart issues that don’t occur during a standard ECG.’

The St Vincent’s Heart Monitoring Program provides Holter monitors to patients, however there is a pressing need for more of these devices to be available.

‘The problem we have is there aren’t enough Holter monitors available to meet demand.’

Patient Maureen Lambert feels incredibly fortunate to have been given access to a Holter monitor through the program.

‘The test results identified an irregularity with my heart beat which if left unchecked could have been fatal,’ Maureen says. ‘Since then I have had a pacemaker fitted and I’m receiving ongoing medication and assessment.’

‘Without the Holter monitoring program and subsequent treatment, I hate to think what the outcome would have been.’

With your support we can provide our world leading cardiovascular medical staff with the very latest monitoring equipment. Most importantly we will provide a better outcome for our patients.

 Please support St Vincent’s Heart Monitor Appeal.  With your support many more of our cardiovascular patients gain access to the St Vincent’s Heart Monitor Program.  You can support our appeal by calling a member of the foundation team on (03) 9231 3365.

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