St Vincent’s at a glance

St Vincent’s Hospital operates at 22 sites across greater Melbourne. At our main campus in Fitzroy, we provide the majority of our services along with a teaching, research and tertiary referral centre. We provide subacute care at St George’s Health Service, palliative care at Caritas Christi, as well as pathology collection centres, general practice services and dialysis satellite centres.

St Vincent’s Hospital, Fitzroy
Major teaching, research and tertiary referral hospital

St George’s Health Service, Kew
A broad range of subacute inpatient and community aged care services

Caritas Christi Hospice, Kew and Fitzroy
Palliative care services

Prague House, Kew
Residential care for people who have experienced homelessness

The Cottage, Fitzroy
Short-term hospital in the home based care for people who are experiencing homelessness

Briar Terrace, Fitzroy
Support to men and women experiencing social isolation

St Vincent’s Mental Health Service Community Care
The Footbridge (North Fitzroy)

Prevention and Recovery Care (PARC) Service, North Fitzroy
Early intervention residential support to people with mental illness to prevent relapse

Aged Mental Health
Normanby Unit (Kew) and Aged Persons Assessment and Treatment Team (APATT) St George’s Health Service

Residential Aged Care
Cambridge House (Collingwood), Riverside House (Richmond), Auburn House (Hawthorn East)

 Community-based Mental Health Services
Clarendon Clinic and Hawthorn Clinic

SACS Rehabilitation Services
Community Rehabilitation Centres at Kew, Northcote and Fitzroy

Specialist clinics
40 clinics providing diagnostic support for general practitioners (GPs) and patients before or after admission

GP Clinics
Brunswick, Staff Health Clinic in Fitzroy and two in St Kilda

Victoria’s provider of Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service

 Hospital in the Home (St Vincent’s at home)
Home nursing service alternative to being treated in hospital

 De Paul House
Drug and Alcohol Outreach

Pathology Collection
80 pathology collection centres around Melbourne

Youth Health and Rehabilitation Service (YHARS)
Integrated primary health care for juveniles in custody

Correctional Health
Primary, secondary and psychosocial rehabilitation care at Port Phillip Prison and St Augustine’s secure ward, Fitzroy.

160 post-graduate students undertaking state, national and international research projects

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