Excellence in Teaching

St Vincent’s Associate Professor Mike Salzberg and Professor David Castle have been awarded Melbourne University’s Excellence in Teaching Awards.

Associate Professor Mike Salzberg and Professor David Castle

Professor David Castle is St Vincent’s Chair of Psychiatry and his award recognises the outstanding lectures he gave in the subject of Core Psychiatry.

Associate Professor Mike Salzberg’s award particularly recognises an innovative subject he developed and taught last year in the Master of Psychiatry at the University of Melbourne.

The psychiatry specialist trainees in Victoria are required to undertake a university Masters in Psychiatry in parallel with their clinical training in hospitals and clinics.

The final semester of the three year Masters last year included what is referred to as a ‘capstone’ subject developed by Associate Professor Salzberg.

The main purpose of the subject is to take some of the trainees’ previous basic learning to a higher level and to prepare them for the transition to consultant status.

Apart from their clinical work, consultants can choose to teach, take leadership and managerial roles, act as expert witnesses in court, influence mental health policy and interact with the media.

Associate Professor Salzberg’s subject covered skills to do with all these aspects of their training.

At the conclusion of the semester, the students who undertook the course rated the subject very highly, rendering it an award-winning subject.

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