Tell us how you’re doing: the importance of leadership visits to the front line

The Productive Ward is a framework for improvement which targets four domains: patient safety and reliability of care, patient experience, staff wellbeing and efficiency of care.  Since its pilot at St Vincent’s Hospital in 2013, it has been rolled out organisation-wide and is being implemented in 24 inpatient areas.

A key to the program’s success has been ongoing support by the Productive Ward Steering Committee.  The Committee, which consists of Productive Ward coaches, clinical managers, general managers and executive directors, attends ward huddles in order to celebrate ward “wins” and tackle barriers alongside front-line staff.

The Productive Ward Steering Committee meeting has been designed to reinforce the importance of organisational leaders’ participation in ward discussions.  The first 20 minutes of each meeting comprises a tour of the chosen area’s Knowing How We are Doing board, where Nurse Unit Managers and Productive Ward staff introduce their areas of focus, their “bright spots” and their leadership support needs.

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This is a photo of the most recent Steering Committee meeting, where the group visited the Emergency Department’s board.  Sue, the Nurse Unit Manager, provided the Committee with valuable insights into the high-level problem-solving skills of her staff, as well as the challenges that are being tackled currently.  The Committee was very impressed with progress and looks forward to attending further huddles.

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