Victorian Public Healthcare Award

St Vincent’s has four finalists in the 2015 Victorian Public Healthcare Awards. These Awards recognise leadership and excellence in the provision of publicly-funded healthcare for the Victorian community.

Our finalists and their categories are:

‘Minister for Mental Health’s Award for excellence in consumer leadership and advocacy’

  1. Food for the soul
    This project looked to introduce an innovative quality improvement to the hospital menu and increase patient satisfaction as well as ensuring the menu complied with nutrition guidelines. After surveying patients (and using translators to include CALD patients), a new culturally responsive menu was devised. The results to date clearly demonstrate that the quality of meals now rate at 15.6% above our peers and 4.4% above the state average. The suitability of hospital food is now rated at 14.4% above our peers and 5% above the state average.
  2. Peer workforce development at St Vincent’s Mental Health
    This program embeds peer workers into our Mental Health service, with peer workers having a personal experience of mental illness or caring for someone with mental illness.  The employment of peer workers in public clinical mental health care is new concept. SVMH has lead the way by actively creating a total of six peer workers and one senior peer worker positions.

‘Improving health equality and closing the gap’

Our voices: Stories of carers from refugee and migrant backgrounds
This project involved the creation of a DVD for the dual purpose of training and awareness raising.  The DVD tells the story of people from different cultural backgrounds, in 5 different languages, telling their stories from a carers perspective, drawing on the lived experience of people in different ethnic communities. The DVD is being used by mental health practitioners or community services working to increase mental health well-being in community settings.

‘Premier’s Award for excellence in supporting the health workforce’

Oh what a feeling! System redesign of correctional pharmacy services in collaboration with Toyota Motor Corporation
This collaborative project delivered major improvements in the time it takes to complete the orders for medication packs, from 210 minutes to 34 minutes. This sustainable change has also led to major improvements in the workflow, and reduced work stress for the correctional pharmacy team.

The finalists will be invited to the gala awards ceremony at the MCG on 18 November where the ultimate winners will be announced.

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