Arthritis is a term used to describe many different conditions. It can include inflammatory conditions that can have an effect on many parts of the body such as rheumatoid, lupus and ankylosing spondylitis or more local musculoskeletal joint disease called osteoarthritis. The presentation and treatment varies significantly, therefore a good understanding of the type of arthritis you have is important.


  • Due to the aging population and rise in obesity, the number of people with osteoarthritis is increasing dramatically.
  • Exercise has been shown to have a significant benefit in reducing pain and improving function
  • A 5kg weight loss can have a major impact on symptoms
  • Being motivated and compliant results in best outcomes
  • Whilst joint replacement is a successful operation for people in severe pain or disability, many can manage their osteoarthritis through exercise, medication and healthy lifestyle choices without surgery

St Vincent’s:

  • An osteoarthritis clinic operates at St Vincent’s to assess and manage people with osteoarthritis and coordinates referrals for surgical assessment when required. Over 600 patients are seen in this clinic every year
  • Physiotherapy including individual assessment and treatment, hydrotherapy and gym classes is conducted at Fitzroy and St Georges, Kew campus
  • Several large research projects on Arthritic conditions are currently being performed at St Vincent’s within Rheumatology, Orthopaedics and Physiotherap

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