ACMD Research Week Art exhibition

Congratulations to Kirsten Perry on winning the ACMD Research Week Art Prize.

Kirsten’s artwork, Self-Portrait, was produced using eye tracking technology to draw or map the path of the artist’s gaze as they viewed their own face.  This process is underpinned by a rich history of observational drawing, intersecting the fields of art and science, used as a method of learning to see.

The Exhibition
Coinciding with the ACMD Research Week, the Art Prize is an opportunity to investigate the intersection between art and medicine. Although often considered opposing disciplines, the arts and sciences are both driven by inquisitive minds, innovative processes, and original outcomes.

The exhibition features the works of 35 contemporary artists exploring the theme of ‘Art in Science, Science in Art’.

Created from a diverse range of mediums, the works in this exhibition offer, in turn, melancholic, dramatic, or buoyant explorations into this complex relationship. These aesthetic renderings of disease, anatomy, theory, and matter remind us of the wonderment of science and the capacity for art to communicate this in challenging and stimulating ways.

St Vincent’s Gallery, Melbourne
Ground floor, Daly Wing
35 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy
6 – 26 August 2015
Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 4.00pm

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