Systems Biology: An Approach

Prof Edmund CrampinProf Edmund Crampin
Director, Systems Biology Laboratory
Rowden White Chair of Systems and Computational Biology,
University of Melbourne

Systems Biology: An Approach
While many commentators agree that it holds ‘great promise’ forbiomedical research, there is no commonly accepted definition of what Systems Biology actually is. I will argue that Systems Biology is an approach to research in the life sciences, rather than a specific methodology or field of application. I will identify several components that I think Systems Biology should to incorporate in order for this approach to be successful, but which are often overlooked by practitioners; and I will illustrate these with examples drawn from our work at the Systems Biology Laboratory at the University of Melbourne.

Date: Monday 17 August 2015
Time: 12:45-1:45pm (Lunch from 12:15pm)
Venue: St Vincent’s Hospital Chamberlin
Lecture Theatre (Building E)
RSVP: Dr Tam Nguyen, T: 9231 2394

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