Crohn’s research receives a wealth of support

St Vincent’s world leading research into Crohn’s disease received a welcome boost from our donors who raised over $76,000 to further research into this incurable bowel condition.

Prof Kamm copyLeading Gastroenterologist Professor Michael Kamm explains the difference this support has made: ‘Conducting ongoing research is expensive, time consuming work. We were absolutely delighted to receive these additional funds which will assist in growing our understanding of this condition.’

‘Our Crohn’s disease research has been very successful and continues to steam ahead. We have been running a very large study around Australia and in New Zealand that aims to identify how best to manage the disease and prevent it coming back after surgery.’

‘The “POCER” study, into post-operative care, won a prize last year for the best inflammatory bowel disease study globally. It was also published to great review in the world’s top clinical medical journal, the Lancet.’

‘The funds raised will help support both clinical and scientific research. Our basic science research, running in parallel with the clinical research, aims to discover the cause of Crohn’s disease.’

‘In the first instance the funds raised will help support leading researcher Dr Emily Wright receive specialist training in Crohn’s disease testing. Much of the money also will support the expensive basic laboratory work.’

On behalf of all the patients and staff thank you. Without this kind of support undertaking research would not be possible.

You can further support Crohn’s Research by donating online at, call us on (03) 9231 3365 or by returning the coupon at the back of the newsletter and mark your donation in support of Crohn’s Research.

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