Benefits of Advance Care Planning

Benefits of ACP 

• Advance Care Planning reduces stress for your family
• Clarifies treatments and identifies the legal decision maker for medical staff
• Gives you peace of mind

Imagine you are in a situation, (a car accident or if a chronic illness worsens) and you are unable to make decisions for yourself. Ask yourself the following questions:

• Who will speak for you if you are not able to speak for yourself?
• Who do you want to make medical decisions for you if you were not able to make them yourself?
• Will they know what you want?
• Could there be any disagreement amongst your family/friends/carers about your wishes?
• What medical treatments would you want or not want if you were unlikely to survive?
• What’s meaningful to you?
• What does living well mean to you?

Advance Care Planning can reduce the burden of decision making during crisis situations and can provide a clearer understanding of your wishes. Advance Care Planning is built upon the values and mission of St Vincent’s.

Above all, Advance Care Planning allows your voice to be heard when you are unable to speak.

When to do ACP
Anyone can do Advance Care Planning. Some key groups that Advance Care Planning is useful for are:

• Aged or older people who are frail
• People of any age with chronic progressive and life-limiting conditions
• People approaching end of life
• People with multiple health conditions
• People with early cognitive impairment
• People who are regularly admitted to hospital

It is also a good idea to discuss Advance Care Planning if you are having medical or surgical treatment. Sometimes these may result in temporary loss of capacity.

A good time to do Advance Care Planning is when your health is stable.

For further assistance with Advance Care Planning speak to your doctor or healthcare team. For an information pack on how to do Advance Care Planning please contact:

bestCARE Project Manager:
Caroline Scott
9231 2847 (Monday, Thursday and Friday)
St Vincent’s Hospital
Quality and Risk
PO Box 2900 Fitzroy Vic 3065

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