Patients and staff walking side by side

Staff and patients from the busy haematology and oncology ward on the sixth floor will be walking side-by-side at the St Vincent’s Scrubs Run to support cancer patients requiring lifesaving chemotherapy.

_DSC3975Cancer patients undergoing treatment spend an extended period of time on the ward, so they become part of the sixth floor family. Three patients, including a husband and wife team, will be taking part in the 4km walk this Sunday, alongside nursing staff.

The Cancer Crusaders will be raising money to buy more vital sign machines, which monitor the health of haematology patients at high risk of infection.

“Our patients require around the clock close monitoring due to their lowered immune systems. Our patients are often susceptible to infections which can be life threatening if not managed in a timely and effective manner,” says Nurse Unit Manager Meghan Bell.

The team has set a modest target of $5,000, enough to buy one more machine. The team has raised $3,500 so far, but need your help to get them over the line. Ideally, the ward would be able to purchase three more machines, so every bit counts!

“Currently we only have three machines for 32 patients, meaning they are constantly in high demand. We desperately require more machines to provide the best possible care to our patients.  Our patients understand the importance of these machines to their health and recovery. It is fantastic to see our patients taking on the challenge themselves, hopefully it can inspire some more staff to get behind the cause.”

Support the Cancer Crusaders

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