Mental Health Department

The St Vincent’s Mental Health Department is raising funds as part of its fundraising drive for the Scrubs Run.

team mental healthThe team aims to raise funds to help continue a musical therapy program improving the social and mental well-being of affected patients.

Social isolation can be one of the most debilitating effects of mental illness.

Inpatient group music therapy can help break down causes of isolation and alleviate hospital-related anxiety, fostering creative and self-expression in patients who often have difficulty in expressing themselves verbally.

After a pilot program funded by a philanthropic grant, participation in the music therapy program was found to improve social and mental well-being and in addition, participants learnt creative skills, which will facilitate empowerment, self-sufficiency and aid in their long-term recovery. 

This grant will finish in June 2015 and funds are needed to continue to provide a ‘voice’ to people experiencing mental illness, who have little opportunity to be heard.

To donate and learn more about Scrubs Run, visit:

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